Photovoltaics in Cities

Nearly 80% of Europeans live in urban regions and according to a recent UN report, this figure is increasing as mega-cities become mega-regions. The growth in urban areas will have significant effects on the environment, especially considering that traditionally constructed buildings emit almost half of all CO2 emissions.

As this transformation occurs it will be vital for cities to tackle pollution and preserve resources. Installing photovoltaics and adopting other green measures across urban areas can help to address these challenges. In recent years, several cities across Europe have taken the initiative to invest in photovoltaics either by installing panels on residential, educational and commercial buildings or across the city’s entire landscape, from transport hubs to street lighting.

Find out more about other towns across Europe and how they are using photovoltaics to help fight against rising emission rates:

-          Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (European Green Capital 2012)

-          Freiburg, Germany

-          London, UK

-          Vatican City

-          Rome, Italy

-          Languedoc-Roussillon, France

-          Grenoble, France